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CHILLI MAGIC ....the Chilli boys are on a high as BLAST LIVE goes TRIPLE Platinum here in Scotland as fans enjoy the live stage show from the RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS and the CHILLI DANCERS

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Monday 27 Octoberwas the launch date for the storming new DVD and CD - BLAST LIVE

Join the Chillis in GLASGOW or STIRLING and snap up their hot new DVD or CD on the day of its release - and meet the Chillis in person.

Get ready for a Blast - see and hear the famous Chilli Pipers in person at:
12.00 noon - HMV, Unit 29, Thistle Centre, Stirling
16.00 - HMV, Lewis Building, Argyle Street, Glasgow

Lots of fun guaranteed for everyone so come along.
• Get your album or dvd signed by the Chillis
• Have your picture taken with the lads
• Find out if the G-Man really does eat live hedgehogs on stage, as reported on MTV ....

Hope to see you all there!

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Chillis to play BBC Proms in the Park
(13th September 2008)

See the Chillis for FREE at Glasgow Green this Autumn. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers will be performing live as part of the BBC Proms in the Park concert and you can get free tickets if you act quickly enough. The BBC have not even released the full details yet but here's the link so hurry and grab them before they are all gone !

To see the Chillis at the BBC Proms in the Park, Glasgow click here...

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EDINBURGH - April 2008

"Red Hot by name, red hot by nature. The Chillis took over the Liquid Room last night and they weren't going to let the crowd go until they were sweaty and exhausted from dancing, cheering and singing their socks off.

Speaking of which, they were obviously starting as they meant to go on, as frontman and piper Stuart Cassells grinned, "You know it's going to be a good gig when my socks falls down on the the very first tune.

They strode dramatically on to the strains of Also Sprach Zarathustra, before lunging into Crooked Bridge, black kilts swaying to the beat of, not one, but three world-class drummers. It would be fair to say that it wouldn't matter where the pipers played - they don't seem capable of giving any less than 110 per cent, and the audience knew it.

Jumping and jigging to the fast tunes, or standing wide-eyed, clearly delighted by the slower pieces, the crowd was in the palms of the band's hands from start to finish. With one of the more varied audiences to be seen at this particular venue, the band clearly have a wide appeal, and they achieve that without dumbing down the music, or compromising either tradition. They skirled, they marched and most importantly, they rocked.

The music was a mixture of traditional and well-known pipe tunes, together with equally famous rock numbers. Gregor James provided a solid rhythm guitar of bass for the most part, but for classics like Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water or the Status Quo anthem, Rockin' All Over The World, his amp was turned up to 11 and he rock-god posed his way around the stage, competing with the three pipers for the most-notes-per-second award.

There were plenty of opportunities for all the members of the band to show off with some crowd-pleasing antics: James and Cassells got into an unusual pipes versus guitar duel, while the three drummers pulled off an amazing drum trio, followed by solo performances, including stick juggling by twice world snare drum champion, Steve Graham.

Newest, youngest and "cutest" member, keyboard player Chris Russell, got to show off some jazz chops at one point and piper Kevin MacDonald earned himself £100 as the crowd's choice in a pipe-off event dubbed Pipe Idol by the band.

Fans of the group were well catered for, as the band rumbled through concert favourites like Highland Cathedral, featuring some of the most beautifully bent notes heard on pipes, Pig Jigs, which would have seen an almighty Strip The Willow danced, if only there were more room, and the almost inevitable 100 Pipers.

Cassells pointed out that Coldplay's Chris Martin must have been a piper, since he wrote such pip-friendly tunes, before the group launched into an intense version of Clocks.

Closing with a blistering We Will Rock You and an encore of a set of jigs featuring a rampaging Rory McLeod, theyleft the crowd completely wiped out, but still wishing there was at least another hour and a half to go.

***** Kill for tickets

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NEW YORK - April 2008

RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS did an unplanned live set for New Yorkers in Times Square when they received their Platinum Disc from Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond - before heading off to start the Tartan Day Parade (05.04.08) with more of their Red Hot Chilli Pipers rockin' tracks !

Scottish pipe and drum rockers the Red Hot Chilli Pipers brought Times Square to a standstill when they celebrated receiving a Platinum Disc from First Minister Alex Salmond.

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers’ album ‘Bagrock to the Masses’ was the fastest selling Scottish album by a Scottish record label in 2007, reaching platinum status within a few short weeks of being released. The First Minister met up with the Chilli Pipers in New York where both are taking part in this year’s Scotland Week programme in the build up to Saturday’s Tartan Day Parade, which the Scottish pipe and drum sensations will lead down Sixth Avenue.

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are in New York just now with a packed programme of events supporting the Scottish Government and Visit Scotland at this years Scotland Week and Tartan Day’s 10th Anniversary celebrations.

They have performed at The Scotland Run in Central Park, a concert in the British Memorial Gardens and are doing the Late n’ Live concerts at the famous Stout Bar next to Madison Square Garden.

The band will be leading The Tartan Day Parade on Saturday the 5th April along with Alex Salmond and Lawrance Tynes, The Scottish superbowl hero! Yesterday on their return from performing for the Scottish Government at a dinner for Senators and Congressman in Washington, First Minister Alex Salmond made a surprise presentation of a Platinum Disc for CD sales in Scotland in Times Square, whilst the band were doing a photo shoot.

Presenting the Platinum Disc, the First Minister said:

“The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are doing a tremendous job over here in New York promoting Scotland in exactly the way we want to portray and are certainly keeping New York awake with their rock bagpipes!”

Stuart Cassells from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers said:

“It is an absolute honour to receive a Platinum Disc from the First Minister. The band is overjoyed to be here for Scotland Week and this just tops it all off!”

Neil Ross from REL Records said:

“To achieve a Platinum Disc now a days is no mean feat and we are very proud of The Red Hot Chilli Pipers! – they have certainly taken bagpiping into the 21st century and back into the public consciousness!”

Alex Salmond also said:

“The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been taking America by storm this week – to quote the American audiences, they really are awesome.

“It was huge fun to see the reaction of New Yorkers when the band gave an impromptu performance in the middle of Times Square today – even the local cops wanted to join in the fun – mind you, they were called Officers McPherson and McFadyen!

“They all discovered that the Red Hot Chilli Pipers’ rocking performance is a musical experience like no other, and I’m delighted that the group’s undoubted talent is proving such a popular element of this year’s Scotland Week.

“These guys are giving American audiences a whole new slant on Scottish popular culture – and a very positive one at that.

“They have global appeal, and having also seen them get a room full of Senators and Congressmen and women on their feet, stamping and clapping along to a performance on Capitol Hill this week, I’m not at all surprised that their album has gone Platinum in double-quick time.

“I can’t wait to see them perform on the biggest stage of all on Saturday when they lead the annual Tartan Day Parade down Sixth Avenue. New York won’t know what’s hit it!“

You've felt the heat Now come closer to the fire .... for more news about the Chillis don't forget to visit them at

First Minister Alex Salmond presents the Red Hot Chilli Pipers with their Platinum disc in Times Square NY during Scotland Week ..... more

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are:
Stuart Cassells – Pipes
Willie Armstrong – Pipes
Kevin MacDonald – Pipes
Malcolm McEwan – Marching Drums, Handsonic
Steven Graham – Side Drums
Steven Black – Kit Drums
Gregor James – Guitars and Bass Guitar
Chris Russell – Piano, Keyboards, Hammond

YOUR SAY........

"I was dancing and singing and clapping"

"They're an amazing band. I reckon they should be playing Edinburgh Castle, or maybe a tour of castles around Scotland. Somewhere like Murrayfield at the rugby at least. They packed this place out and I bet they could pack it out for a good few nights. I've heard one of their records, and you get the idea but they are so much better live. They're so loud ! "
Pete Findlay, 26, employment adviser

"I was dancing and singing and clapping till I thought my hands were raw. That was probably one of the best gigs I've ever been to.
Jim Murray, 42, builder

"Well, that was pipe music, but not like I've ever heard. I'd never have thought it could go so well with rock 'n' roll or be so sexy. I'm 51, but I felt like dancing like a teenager listening to them. I shall suffer in the morning, I'm sure, but it will have been more than worth it."
Margaret Williamson, 51, housewife

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